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Ms Nomcebo Dlamini

Deputy Chairperson

Nomcebo is action as well as delivery focused and is experienced in managing developmental projects/programmes aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged communities. She has a passion for young people and is intent on assisting them improve their lives by bringing them onto projects she manages as part of her core team. Her work with the youth is the catalyst to her consistent pursuance of solutions to the challenges they face including substance abuse, which she sees as the cause of the derailment of many young lives especially in South Africa's disadvantaged urban, peri-urban and rural communities.

She has been privileged to hold leadership positions in development finance and general management in the public and private sector. This has also exposed her to the challenges of substance abuse and its associated ills in the work environment.

She has attended various in-person and virtual training sessions in the field of substance abuse as a member of the CDA, the International Society of Substance Abuse Professionals (ISSUP) and through the International Network of Brief Interventions for Alcohol and Other Drugs (INEBRIA). The short training sessions have given her access to current evidence-based interventions in dealing with substance abuse.

Her personal and professional experience have enabled her to manage small and large-scale projects from planning to execution and this has at times involved engagement with a diverse profile of stakeholders, a recent example being the 3rd National Summit on Substance Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which required "out of the box thinking" to ensure that it came to fruition.

Nomcebo has various academic qualifications, including qualifications in law and project management which have enabled her in the role of Deputy Chairperson of the Central Drug Authority.

Ms Nomcebo Dlamini
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