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About the Summit 

The CDA has a mandate to host a summit wherein stakeholders engage on matters aligned to the use of substances in the country. The 4th CDA will host the 3rd summit in 2023, and it will be preceded by provincial dialogues.

The 3rd summit will consider a harmonised way to implement demand, supply and harm reduction in line with the National Drug Master Plan, i.e to support policy harmonization between health, social security and justice sectors, to support public health approaches for people who use drugs, people in correctional settings and other key populations.

Summit and Dialogues Theme

The theme of the Provincial Dialogues and the SUMMIT is “Towards sustainable, coordinated and impactful strategies for national drug and substance use in South Africa”


Sub-themes aligned to the 7 Goals of the National Drug Master Plan will be advised at a later stage with the main sub-theme being," “Towards addressing drug and alcohol use in South Africa.” Sub-Themes will be focused on the 7 Goals of the NDMP 2019-2024.

Objectives of the Annual Summit and Provincial Dialogues


  1. Evaluate Provincial/National Drug Master

  • Status of Implementation ​

  • Review of PDMP/NDMP 2019-2024​

 2. Inform the policy on drugs and substance abuse 

 3. To improve our knowledge base on how illicit drugs relate to other urgent challenges , such as conflicts and environmental degradation 

 4. To share information on sustainable economic opportunities for unemployed youth 

 5. To develop an action plan that will address resolutions take at the summit. 

  • Date: 14 -16 November 2023 REGISTER HERE

Event Dates and Details
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